Strike A Pose – Model Photography Posing Tips

One of the toughest challenges that most photographers face today is posing their subject properly. Regardless of how much experience you possess in the field of photography when a model steps in front of your lens for the first time, he/she will need your instructions and direction. Therefore, it calls for your professionalism and expertise to give proper guidance and ensure that you produce quality images. There is nothing as shameful as a silent photographer and a clueless model. As a photographer, your entire team and clients depend on you hence you have the obligation to produce the best results. Therefore,here are top four model photography posing tips.


In most cases, it is vital to practice a good posture by keeping a straight back and shoulders held up. If you bow, you will cause your stomach area to not only appear large but will also create a dismal and somber mood. Nonetheless, if the image is intended to be used in creating more stylish or editorial features, it is advisable to use the so-called “bad posture” since it creates a more eye-catching image. Furthermore, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive research beforehand and develop a good plan. Pull those inspirational poses and ads that you identify in your research.

Breathe and smile

You always want to achieve a natural and relaxed pose from your subject. Hence, it is imperative to develop a good rapport with them so as to put them at ease. When aI model has a good rapport with you and sees the exact thing that you intend to get, then she will do her best. Tell her the thing she loves and be sure to see more light in her eyes that lead to better expressions and natural smiles. Furthermore, it is advisable to remind them to breathe so that they depict a relaxed look in their eyes. To achieve more control of the model, it is recommended to make use of professional footrest to provide the necessary support.

Arms and legs

When the model stands naturally, one thing she will do is put their hands flat on their sides. This makes the model look awkward and uncomfortable when posing for the photo. Furthermore, when the model presses her hands against their torso, the arm appears squished out making it appear larger than it is. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your middle finger lower compared to the others as well as keeping them relaxed with a slight curve. Avoid clumping your fingers together and showing the back of your hand since they often appear big and ugly.


You have the freedom to choose between full-length and seated portraits. Hence, you can opt to try some shots with the model standing and try to adjust her eye direction, head direction, and her whole body either leaning against a wall or when independently up standing. Moreover, when the model is seated, it is advisable to use a posing stool that can rotate as well as adjustable in height to be able to capture different angles of the model`s face. See our other article on pastillas para adelgazar rapido sin rebote. For a more creative portrait, experiment with both high and low angles, mouth open and closed, eyes up and down, slight smiles and big grin.

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You Wanted It. You Got it. More About My Bean Bag

Welcome back to the Dartco Media! We are very excited to be posting another blog post. This time we wanted to talk a little bit more about our gigantic bean bags. Interestingly enough, we had a lot of people ask us about our giant bean bags from our last post about it.

It’s funny. Even though we’re a web design and SEO company, people are asking us about our office furniture. Anyway, if that’s what you want to hear more about then that’s what we’ll talk about.

giant bean bags

You can see ours at the Giant Bean Bags Blogspot – Gigantic and see that they are extremely comfortable and we’re really happy that the cover is machine washable. I accidentally spilled coffee on it a couple weeks ago and it looked terrible. Obviously you don’t want to be a coffee stain on your nice new gigantic bean bag. So, since the cover is machine washable I took thing off and try to put in the washing machine.

Now, this cover will not fit in a regular size washing machine like the one I have at home for my laundry. But, you can just take it to machine washing location nearby and watch it there. I did want to point out that, yes, the cover is machine washable for this bean bag, but your regular clothes washer at home is probably too small for it. That is, unless you have one of the smaller bean bags. We have the 8 foot bean bag, the largest one that they sell, so the cover is pretty huge even when you take it off of the bean bag.

Anyway, other than the minor bit of difficulty we have a washing it, I’m very happy with the bean bag. It’s very comfortable and I can always lounge around on him when I’m tired of sitting in my office chair. If I was sitting all day, it’s nice to just go over to bean bag and lie face down on it and I can still work on my laptop. See more here:

It’s a great way to change position so that I don’t get stiff and start to hurt my back and neck. has been very useful for giving me an alternate place to do work without having to stop what I’m doing. I can just take my laptop over to the bean bag and lie down on it on my stomach, or on my side, and I can continue to work. I can continue to dictate articles like I’m doing now!

I’m very happy with our purchase of these Giant Bean Bags and if you have any questions about this gigantic bean bag or any other aspects about our business please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know.

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See Others’ Giant Bean Bags

Interested in buying a giant bean bag like one of the ones we have here at dark to medium? Feel free to check out the store where we bought ours. We included an article before showing which store we bought it from. But, now we want to make sure that you can check out all the other people who have bought giant bean bags from them.

Check out this Google doc and YouTube and see some of the other people that have bought bean bags and how they are using them. They have a lot of different sizes in a lot of different colors to match your space and decor. As long as you have enough room, I’m sure that you can find something that will fit your style.



I highly recommend it as it’s extremely comfortable and is a great way to the relax on break, especially if you were working on a computer all day like we are.

Check out giant bean bags different places to be found online and share your experience!