Working | Make the Most of Your Home Office with Bean Bags

How do you get the most out of your design ideas? One key way to to make sure that your work area is set up properly. Many people overlook this because their home is also where they live, but we’ll look at some tips and how the make the most of your home office.

Clean Up

home office cleanupAlways be sure to clean up your work area. This small effort put forth every day will ensure that you are not distracted by unnecessary messes when you are trying to focus. Concentrating on something already takes willpower. So, by forcing yourself to not look at a messy desk that bothers you and just bucle down and get your work done usually doesn’t work. Nothing goes more quickly out the window than creativity when stress creeps up. Keep your surroundings tidy and your brain will thank you.


We have found that the extra time and attention given to cleaning up around the office and picking out attractive and comfortable furniture are extremely helpful. This helps because the work we do is largely creative and when you’re dealing with creativity, your brain needs to be functioning at its best. You can’t be thinking about how uncomfortable your chair is. You can’t be groaning at how ugly the couch across the room is, either. You want something both pleasant to look at and comfortable.

giant-bean-bagsWe use a giant bean bag from They have the really big bean bags that are very high quality. The outside shell is made of high quality faux suede material and the inside stuffing is made of foam shreds that are way more comfortable than beans or beads. This is a great way to take a break. Just plop down on one of these bean bags to give your back some rest, do some thinking, and before you know it, you’re ready to get going again.

Dress Code

dress codeAnother important way to make you get the most out of yourself is to dress the part. If you are working from a home office, there may be temptation to just roll out of bed and do your work in your pajamas or your sweatpants. While it’s good to be comfortable, this can really take a toll on your creativity.

bean bag

Recent studies have shown that how you dress affects your overall performance. They tested two groups of people. One group was allowed to wear normal clothes and given certain tasks “scientific” tasks like filling tubes, and counting things out, etc. The other group was assigned to do the same thing, expect they were given white lab coats to wear. The result? The group wearing the lab coats performed their tasks more efficiently and with fewer mistakes than their more casually dressed counterparts. This shows that what you wear can have a big effect on how you act, the decisions you make, and the quality of your work.

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All in all, we can see that everything from our tidiness, our furniture, and our clothes all effect us on the inside and, as a results, the quality of our work. If your work is important to you then: 1) clean up, 2) make sure you have a comfortable huge bean bag to relax on, and 3) dress appropriately for the work you’re doing.


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