SEO: Content, Onpage, Usability, and Mobile

One of the most interesting aspects of web design is something that is usually hand it off to be outsourced: SEO. SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the practice of doing things to your website so that it can rank highly in the search engines for particular keywords.


There are various things you can do to properly optimize your website. One of the best things to do with have great content. Having good content means that it will get shared among a lot of people and that will help your ranking tremendously. SEO is not just about what you do to your website, but how people interact with what is on your website. Having lots of images and video is useful because that’s what people like to share people. Videos can be shared on YouTube. Pictures can be shared on image sharing websites like Imgur, Flickr, or Pinterest. Once you have the good content in place so you can go ahead and start to do your on-page SEO.

On Page SEO

The one thing that you want to get first correctly is the title. The title of your page or blog post is very important as it tells what you are page is about. Another thing that is very important for your on-page optimization is the URL. The URL also tells what that particular page is about. The third most important thing for on-page SEO is the keyword appearing in your content. You want to have the keyword appear in your content, but not too much. You don’t want to do keyword stuffing. Putting keywords a bunch of times in your content unnaturally will likely get you penalized. Also, you are making it unpleasant for the user. The user is very important when it comes to SEO. If your website is difficult to use or read then it will harm your websites’ rankings.


Usability is Key

The search engines are favoring usability more and more. If you think about it, the whole point of having a search engine and so the people can use your website properly. Whether they want to watch a video, read your blog post, or anything else, they need to be able to do it without too much difficulty. Check out and example here:

Mobile SEO

Because usability is so important, Google has recently updated its algorithms so that mobile-friendly sites are ranked higher. This makes perfect sense as there are many people who are now accessing Google and website through their mobile devices.

If a website isn’t mobile-friendly, then it is very difficult to use and that interferes with the user experience. The search engines top priority is to give people the best user experience. The search engine that does that will have the best results and have the most people using it.

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This is why Google is the most popular search engine. They have the most advanced search algorithm that filters out drunk and give people what they want. They were alive a lot on how the user interacts with the content and social signals.